We have various aggregates such as crusher dust, class A, clear stone, pea-stone, beach-stone and large rock available for pick up and delivery.



Bark mulch

Single Grind Mulch - Natural tree bark which is put through our grinder once, and screened. This mulch is medium brown in colour and the pieces are 3-4 inches in length

Double Grind Mulch - Natural tree bark which is put through our grinder two times and screened. This mulch is dark brown in colour and the pieces are 1-2 inches in length

Dyed Black Mulch - 1-2 inch long shredded wood chips which are dyed black.  Dyed mulch should be placed at least 24 hours before any rainfall or it may lose some of it's colour


big green bags

Our straight compost is suited for many high-end applications such as topdressing lawns, patching bare spots, and adding to both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Our compost is processed from aged compost which we then age for an additonal two years in wind rows for further decompositon. Our compost is screened through a 7/8" screener to ensure that most rocks and pebbles are removed. Customers can pick up any amount at either location (Burnside or Elmsdale) and we deliver any amount from 1y3 to 40y3

Introducing our PREMIUM* Product Line - created with quality, clean organics
PREMIUM* (Topsoil*, Garden Soil* and Compost*), Single or Double grind bark mulch and Red or Black wood mulch. 

Our Big Green Bags contain 1 cubic yard of material which is delivered in a mess free resealable bag which allows you to use the product when you need it. 
Our Big Green Bags are delivered with a forklift, so we are able to place the material close to where you plan on using it as long as it is accessible with the forklift.

The bag is yours to keep, so there is no rush to use your product, and it stays dry inside the resealable bag.

Topsoil - Our topsoil is screened through a 3/4" screener and contains 3/4 natural soil and 1/4 compost. We conduct regular soil testing to ensure that nutrient levels are ideal for our customers. Our topsoil has a pH range from 6-7, and an organic value 4%+.

Garden Soil - Our garden mix is screened through a 3/4" screener and is 50% natural soil and 50% compost. Our garden mix is tested regularly to ensure the nutrient values are ideal for gardening. Our garden mix has a pH range from 6-7, and an organic value 8-10%.

If you would like a copy of a recent soil test please contact us.


nursery sod

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Lush and durable turf grass - Kentucky Bluegrass or Fescue/Bluegrass blends.
Elmsdale Landscaping's sod is the most popular choice for residential and commercial lawns, sports fields and parks.
Our custom blended seed mixtures produce  turf which is specifically suited to our climatic zone with excellent temperature and drought tolerance as well as high resistance to disease. Our Kentucky Blue provides an attractive, dense turf with great colour from spring to fall. Our fescue sod offers qualities of uniformity, shade tolerance and salt resistance.