April 18, 2022 - SOD IS AVAILABLE NOW!

For pick ups in Elmsdale or any delivery orders please call 902-883-2291

For pick ups in Burnside please call 902-444-8087

 Lush and durable turf grass - Kentucky Bluegrass or Fescue/Bluegrass blends

Elmsdale Landscaping's sod is the most popular choice for residential and commercial lawns, sports fields and parks.

Our custom blended seed mixtures produce  turf which is specifically suited to our climatic zone with excellent temperature and drought tolerance as well as high resistance to disease. Our Kentucky Blue provides an attractive, dense turf with great colour from spring to fall. Our fescue sod offers qualities of uniformity, shade tolerance and salt resistance.

Our nursery sod is cut fresh daily and is available in slab, small rolls or large roll format.

  • SLAB SOD - Sod are laid flat on the pallet in 4.5 ft2 pieces which are light weight and easy to carry.  Each piece is 3 feet x 1.5 feet.  There are 100 pieces on a pallet, totaling 450ft2 per skid.
  • SMALL ROLLS - Small rolls come in 9ft2 rolls, which are easy to handle and last longer on the pallet then the typical slab format.  There are 64 pieces on a pallet, totaling 576ft2 per skid.
  • LARGE ROLLS - Large rolls can only be installed by contractors with equipment and come as one large roll on a tube instead of pieces of slab or rolled sod on a pallet.  Each large roll is 450ft2, measuring 3.5 feet wide x 130 feet long.

*** Pallet Deposit***

We have a refundable $20 pallet charge on every sod order which is delivered, unless it is thrown off by hand (orders under 1800ft2).  The pallets are your responsibility and it is up to the customer to return them to one of our locations (Burnside or Elmsdale) for a full refund.  You have up to 6 months from the time of ordering to do so.  Thanks :)

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