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Our firm has been doing business in our community for over 60 years. We are proud of our past successes, but will continue to strive into the future. When we began as a small landscaping company we thought that integrity and trust were the keys to our future success. We were right.

​Today we still believe in these values, and practice them on every job. We pride ourselves on understanding the problems and opportunities in the landscaping industry. Our company is committed to excellence, and that is found in all of our products and services. Our clients are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs.​



Elmsdale Landscaping guarantees to complete all work as specified within the scope of work within any contract awarded and full fill all initial services within our obligations!
* (Elmsdale Landscaping Limited and it’s subsidiary companies are not responsible for sub-grades, water damage or other situations beyond our control or completed by others before our work has begun. Reports must be within the scope of work to be eligible for the guarantee)

With over 60 years of experience we will assist you in completing your project the right way
Our fleet of trucks can get you your products faster then anyone else can
We offer all the landscape products you will need, at an unbeatable price.
Our trucks are equipped with forklifts which can space your sod out for you - We do not just leave the pallets to the side of your driveway, unless that is where you want them.
Our Kentucky Bluegrass has an excellent road-salt tolerance with a high regenerative capacity as well as the ability to withstand a great deal of wear and tear.
Our sod is specially formulated for use in Atlantic Canada and has been using the most up to date grass seeds for over 60 years
Our abundant trained staff can get your project completed in record timing, while paying attention to detail
All of our products are backed up with a one year guarantee

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Elmsdale Landscaping Residential Guarantee is Simple; your products will be provided for your use as originally ordered from our stock. From time to time we may have seedlings in our soils, bark mulch, etc. that nature has provided and we can not guarantee them not to be present. If you are not satisfied with the products provided to you within the guarantee period, we will discuss the problem with you and try to resolve any issue you have!

With all our products, we guarantee:
A professional crew with knowledge of and respect for any project
A full product and installation warrantee **
(**Warranty varies by contract or product(s) supplied)
A commitment to you – the customer – YOU ARE always FIRST

Dennis Coupar Landscaping started production of nursery sod in Elmsdale, NS in 1954.  Sod was cut and stacked on trucks by hand, and delivered on trucks which were purchased used from the NS Department of National Defence.  He never got any of the trucks painted, and that's how we founded our trademark green fleet.

As the demand for sod increased, more dairy farms and wood lots were cleared and turned into sod fields.  In March 1970, Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd. was formed with a commitment for superior nursery sod production and increased our fleet and staff size.

In 1988, we purchased our largest sod farm - the former Maitland Dragway.  This land was also used as a base for the USA Air Force during the Second World War.  You can still see the remains of the runways today.

In 2009 we purchased Elmsdale Service Center which is equipped with 8 full size truck bays and commercial diesel fuel.  This allows us to provide a commercial fuel service station, fleet servicing, as well as residential vehicle repair.

Currently, we maintain over 1500 acres in production and we have the facilities to harvest over one million square yards of sod annually.  With our large fleet of trucks we can deliver our materials quicker then anyone else.

With our many years in experience in turf management, Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd. is the sod supplier trusted by governments, landscape contractors, city parks, grounds superintendents and home owners.