Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd


Fresh cut Kentucky bluegrass and fescue\bluegrass nursery sod available in slabs or rolls 6 days per week.
Pick up in Elmsdale or Burnside or call for next day delivery


Quality topsoil, garden soil and compost screened daily available for pick up or delivery.

March 31, 2020 update:

We're currently working on blending fresh soils and mulches for the 2020 season.  We expect to have some available starting next week, depending on the weather.

We are working with reduced staff, please be patient waiting for email replies.

We are not accepting walk ins at any landscaping or garage locations

Please call ahead for anything you need.

If you want a quote from our qualified staff, Contact Us


We carry a variety of mulches to suit anyones taste.
Single grind, double grind and dyed red and black all available for pick up or delivery

Elmsdale Landscaping Topsoil Sod Bark Mulck

BIG GREEN BAG                    New PREMIUM product lines*

1 cubic yard of product delivered to your home in a clean bulk bag.  Choose from  topsoil*, garden soil*, compost* or mulch products