Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd

Elmsdale Landscaping Commercial Guarantee
Elmsdale Landscaping guarantees to complete all work as specified within the scope of work within any contract awarded and full fill all initial services within our obligations!
* (Elmsdale Landscaping Limited and it’s subsidiary companies are not responsible for sub-grades, water damage or other situations beyond our control or completed by others before our work has begun. Reports must be within the scope of work to be eligible for the guarantee)

Elmsdale Landscaping Residential Products Guarantee
Elmsdale Landscaping Residential Guarantee is Simple; your products will be provided for your use as originally ordered from our stock. From time to time we may have seedlings in our soils, bark mulch, etc. that nature has provided and we can not guarantee them not to be present. If you are not satisfied with the products provided to you within the guarantee period, we will discuss the problem with you and try to resolve any issue you have!

With all our products, we guarantee:

A professional crew with knowledge of and respect for any project
A full product and installation warrantee **
(**Warranty varies by contract or product(s) supplied)
A commitment to you – the customer – YOU ARE always FIRST