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How to install

Sod is a living product. To ensure a successful result it is important to follow these steps:

   1. Site preparation:

   It is recommended that 4-6 inches of quality top soil be used to ensure the long term health of the sod. The soil should be firm and level before laying the sod. This is a good opportunity to do contouring to compliment excess water runoff during heavy rains to minimize pooling. A starter fertilizer should be applied, such as 16-32-6, at a rate of 5-10 lbs per 1000 ft2. This is required to help the sod become established and recover from the shock of transplanting.

   2. Laying the sod:

   The faster the sod gets laid the better. Sod needs light, air and water. Sod should be placed tightly together and staggered in a brick style pattern where possible. To achieve a professional finished look it is industry standard to lay sod lengthwise around the perimeter of the site. This will result in any "cut in" pieces not being on the edge which minimizes stress and gives a tidy, crisp look to the finished job.


   Sod needs water ASAP. The goal is to keep the sod moist so it does not dry out and shrink. Do not overwater, this will discourage rooting and actually stimulate undesirable species.